Hi there!  Welcome to my world! My name is Hillary Schave and I am the owner and photographer of Azena Photography. I am a coffee chugging, magazine obsessed photographer who spends most days behind the camera. This is my perfect place of zen. The minute I start taking your photo, I enter a whole new dimension. It is my true love and passion to create beautiful images of amazing people like you!

I specialize in couples, weddings, professional portraits and branding sessions as well as boudoir photography. In the past, I have photographed many newborns, families, seniors, commercial items such as architecture and jewelry! 

I also regularly contribute to the local publication, BRAVA Magazine photographing many of their features and events. If you don't read this magazine, you should!   Here is a link! You will see "Photographed by Hillary Schave" everywhere! 

I always put my left shoe on first, my favorite music is indie folk  and old school indie rock but you may catch me rocking out to Lizzo or Nicki Minaj when I'm feeling good. I also tend to use wildly exaggerated hand motions and funny facial expressions when I am excited about your photos! 

I love reading any kind of fiction I can get my hands on, growing vegetables and flowers  in my yard, as well as streaming way too much TV like Supernatural, Outlander, Star Wars, Marvel and DC comic book movies with little family.






A huge obsession with spicy food. There are probably 6 bottles of hot sauce in the fridge right now (because they all taste different and go with certain foods!).  I've tried the Ghost Pepper Burger at every restaurant that carries it. 




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Always ready to go on an adventure. Any new and unique fun idea is open for discussion. I once traveled to Tobago (as in Trididad and Tobago) for a wedding but more importantly for the hot peppers!




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OH MY GOD! These are amazing! Thank you so much!  Ahh! We love these so much! They are amazing! You are amazing!!! 
-Morgan and Teddy

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We scheduled our wedding around Hillary's availability! She's Amazing!
-Kari and Steve

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